Currently pursuing a position on board a professional yacht where the owner wishes for longevity, loyalty, great service & professionalism. Ideally this will be a yacht between 85 and 120 feet either Motor or sail, Private or charter.

Thank you for taking the time to review my Web site, from here you will be able to view my maritime career and contact me personally for further details and discussion on if my services would be of great value for you.  I am licensed to run yachts up to 200 tons, on all oceans. I have managed been an officer and captained charter and private yachts up to 154 feet. My experience also includes sailing yachts, and extensive sailboat racing. I started my career onboard square-rigged ships, and have sailed long distances without use of any electronic navigational equipment. My boat handling skills are outstanding. I am highly safety conscious and have immaculate safety records.

 I have formal training as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, as well as a good understanding of how to maintain and repair all types of onboard systems and equipment.

 My background includes both major refits and new construction of yachts. I have a proven record of creating realistic budgets and timelines, and ensuring completion within time and on budget. I have extensive experience of negotiating with, and managing shipyards and contractors. I have built positive and productive relationships in the industry throughout my career.

 It is my duty to always put the interest of the owner first and foremost. I protect the value of the owner’s investment by keeping the yacht I run in pristine condition. A well maintained yacht means minimal down time with maximum value and enjoyment. I have a proven track record of long term crew retention and creating a five star hospitality environment, ensuring that owners and guests enjoy their time onboard. I am a positive and outgoing person, I enjoy my work and strive to inspire a fun and professional environment.

 I am extremely organized, disciplined and detail oriented. I keep excellent records and run a tidy ship. I am well versed in the regulations surrounding professional yachting and chartering, and will ensure compliance.

 Attending the Royal Navy Military boarding school from the age of 13, my affinity for a maritime career developed early. After a year onboard square rigged sail boats used by the film industry, I served for eight years in Her Majesty’s British Armed Forces, where I obtained my training in Engineering and spent over four years maintaining Rolls Royce and Jaguar engines. For 18 months I managed an Armed Forces Yacht Club and four vessels available for charter.

 After the military, I launched a career in Yacht Charter and Yacht Management companies for eight years. Having promoted and managed charter yachts both from ashore and as a captain, I have a great understanding of how to build a strong charter following and can assure you that I will be able to create a repeat clientele.

 My resume will show all the qualifications and skills, as well as the personality, needed to be a good yacht captain. please click on the CV and references link for a copy which can be down loaded.